Viết chương trình bằng Rust giống như sống trong mối quan hệ bạo hành

Programming in Rust is like being in an emotionally abusive relationship. Rust screams at you all day, every day, often about things that you would have considered perfectly normal in another life. Eventually, you get used to the tantrums. They become routine. You learn to walk the tightrope to avoid triggering the compiler’s temper. And just like in real life, those behavior changes stick with you forever.

Emotional abuse is not generally considered a healthy way to encourage change, but it does effect change nonetheless.

I can’t write code in other languages without feeling uncomfortable when lines are out of order or when return values are unchecked. I also now get irrationally upset when I experience a runtime error.

What do you mean “_done"_ is not a function? Why didn’t you let me know “_done”_ might not be a function??

Nguồn:: Was Rust Worth It?. From JavaScript to Rust, three years… | by Jarrod Overson | Medium

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