Fresh dùng Preact cho UI

Fresh đối với Preact cũng giống như Next.js đối với React. React với Preact cung cấp khả năng render (làm framework), còn Fresh hay Next xử lý những thứ còn lại (làm meta-framework)

One important thing to remember: Preact is just a rendering library and only concerns itself with getting stuff on the screen as fast as possible.

The consequences of this are:

  • Preact doesn’t do routing or any of those other concerns an app typically needs
  • Preact has no idea of a server and has no concept of how to pass data from the server to the client

That’s where Fresh comes in:

  • The export default from a route file tells Fresh’s file based router that this is a route that you want to use. Then when you go to a route, Fresh basically calls Preact’s render() function to render the HTML, so you don’t need to do that yourself when working in Fresh
  • Fresh introduces the notion of Server and a Client that Preact isn’t aware of

What Fresh gives you compared to using Preact alone is:

  • routing automatic
  • bundling of islands and the machinery to make them interactive on page load (remember Preact is just a JS lib not a build tool)
  • a serialization layer that supports preact signals to transfer island props to the browser
  • an API layer
  • dev stuff like reloading the page when a component changes
  • a server in general

All in all Fresh is a somewhat minimal wrapper around Preact. It’s a similar relationship as Next.js has with React.

Nguồn:: fresh/docs/latest/concepts/ at ddff9a6324be4d35dd6065f3503c5d5b42a1b574 · denoland/fresh · GitHub

Render là quá trình chuyển đổi dữ liệu và code sang HTML

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