VS Code chỉ là code editor, không phải IDE

An IDE is often just aimed at a few specific compiled languages: there’s a bunch of Java IDEs and we have VisualStudio for C# and VB and F#.

In ancient times we picked between a simple text editor or an IDE. But since the rise of advanced editors like vsCode the distinction has become sort of irrelevant. During the installation of Visual Studio maybe you can pick which plugins you want - you can do the same for vsCode - and just pick to install all C# tools that allow you to compile and debug C#. The difference is at most that the tools for Visual Studio are slightly more “built in” and better.

For some languages that aren’t compiled or debugged in an editor there have never been any IDE. For example there by definition is no IDE for clientside Javascript - as that is not compiled. And not executed without a browser.

Nguồn:: Why is VS Code considered as a code editor and not an IDE ? : r/vscode

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